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Updated on: 22/Dec/2010
ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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Engineering & Procurement

OPC management's commitment to develop full EPC capabilities, led by highly qualified professionals, whose role is to support all aspects of our business from Tendering through Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Troubleshooting.

OPC can provide detailed multi-disciplinary engineering services in gas industry, diverse projects in refinery process units, cross country pipelines, storage tanks and terminals, gas processing plants, offsite facilities and utility systems.

The Procurement function at OPC comprises of committed multi-disciplinary engineering professionals involved in the procurement of right products at right price in right time. The basic procurement policy for procurement team is to procure technically acceptable materials, equipment and services at the best prices, under conditions of maximum global competition. The value addition of this team as a part of the supply chain is providing pre-bid support at tendering stage as well as during execution with a structured approach in placing orders, receiving and certifying materials and making payments to its suppliers for correct supplies made within the delivery schedule.


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